Day +19: Rising like leavened bread.

Day +19. I am thrilled to say that my counts are very much on the rise! Both red and white blood cells continue to track upwards in a steady fashion. My hemoglobin is 9.1g/dL — the highest it’s been since my last transplant! (Before the graft failed). Though I’m still anemic, we’re looking at a very good trajectory for the upcoming weeks!

My WBC count is in a normal range with all the appropriate sub-cell types slowly rising. I am incredibly happy and hopeful that this transplant has been successful and will continue to be successful! I’m also very grateful that I’ve only experienced a minor bit of GVHD. Fingers crossed we’re able to keep it at bay for the rest of my recovery.


A lot of my free time has been filled with binge watching Friday Night Lights, from the very beginning (there are 76 forty-five minute episodes; I’m on number 20). I can’t say I’ve been too productive this past week as I’ve been focusing on resting, but I’ve slowly been working to regain my physical stamina by walking and going up and down stairs.

Beginning this week, I’m holding myself accountable to a more regimented schedule of workouts. My goal for each day is to do 30 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes of basic exercises, and at least 5 flights of stairs. We’ll see how successful I am by the end of the week and if I need to adjust my plan.


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