Day +366: Happy Re-Birthday to Me!

Day +366. Today is my one year post-transplant anniversary; my first re-birthday, if you will. Today is one of the biggest milestones in a transplant patient’s life, and I’m so grateful and excited to be celebrating this important day.

When I reflect back to a year ago and think about how far I’ve come, I’m stunned by the fact that a whole year has come and gone. So much has happened between then and now, and so much has changed. Little did I know exactly what was in store for me during this arduous recovery process. Despite having had a bone marrow transplant once before, I didn’t make it out this far in recovery to have had the distinct pleasure of unearthing the stingingly complex and frustratingly unending aftermath of emotional havoc left behind from enduring sickness and intense treatment of one’s body.

I’m proud (and relieved) to say that physically, my body is doing great! I received the third round of immunizations with, in true infant format, two rounds left at 18 and 24 months post-transplant. I’m continuing to get phlebotomies when I visit my care providers to keep lowering my iron count. I’ve been bumped waaay down to one doctor’s visit every two months. Contrast that to twice a week! My health overall is past the drastic, steep increase back to normal, and is now on cruise control with a steady incline towards better health.

The bane of my struggles these days has been primarily emotional and psychological. Having to come to terms with one’s mortality while life keeps whirring on without you isn’t something that’s easy or quick to resolve. Thankfully with the help and support of Ricky, some pretty amazing friends, and my therapist, I’m getting through this phase of recovery.

So. What’s next?

The short answer is: I don’t know. Keep living life? Survive another day? Bake more cakes? What I do know is that I’ve been given the wonderful gift of time. Time to figure these things out; time to live my life. And for that, I’m incredibly grateful.


From my surprise party last night! Put together by Ricky and the wonderful people in my life. ❤