Day 10: Like a young, spring chicken.

Counts are still low but on the rise! In fact, both my total white blood cell count and absolute neutrophil count have doubled since yesterday. The doctor thinks I’ll be well enough to go home on Thursday or Friday. (AH! One less week in this cell!) The day I get out depends on when my dad gets into town. He’ll be driving out of El Paso on Wednesday and should get here Friday. So we’ll see. He has to get trained on how to deal with my Hickman properly, how to flush my lines, learn which drugs to administer when, and get guidelines for food prep and home cleanliness.

Apparently my body has taken to the transplant really well and is recovering very quickly. Where my counts are now, most patients don’t get to till day +18. Way to go youthful, resilient body! I’m still on the climb back to normal cell counts and I’m starting to feel more energetic, but it’ll still be a while before I’m back to “normal,” whatever that means anymore.

Sorry for the radio silence over the past few days. Since my counts were so low, I was really really tired. I spent most of my days sleeping or watching movies/TV shows. I binge watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (SO GOOD, SO RACIST?), Silicon Valley (not that big of a fan), Looking Season 2 (unimpressed), and Fresh Off the Boat (huge fan). I’ve also seen a ton of movies, good and bad, too many to list.

I also didn’t have a lot of visitors because A) I was severely neutropenic and didn’t want to risk catching anything from anyone, and B) when I’m really tired and irritated, I’m horrible company. So to save people from my wrath (and possible boredom from watching me sleep), I didn’t let people come visit, except for my friend Ricky K. He brought movies and card games. That was fun.

For now, it’s just a waiting game. I’m getting stronger and more energized each day; my mind is getting sharper and I’m able to focus on things better. I should be outta here in no time! And then it’s home-lock down with the daddio until I’m deemed healthy enough to re-enter public spaces/society, though I have a lot of things I want to do while my dad’s here so I can show him the California that I love (e.g. hiking, going to the beach, road trips, etc).

Tomorrow’s St. Patty’s Day! What I would give to have a pint of watered down green Pilsner with a slab of corned beef and boiled cabbage. If there’s anything Boston taught during my tenure there is how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like a true Irishman. I suppose I’ll have to wait until I’m better to enjoy those things. Oh, and lots of pie to make up for the Pi Day that I missed. I cried a little on the inside for that one.


2 thoughts on “Day 10: Like a young, spring chicken.

  1. SO excited about your quick recovery (so far, *knocks on wood*)! We’ll figure out how to “catch you back up” on pie as soon as you’re up for it. Same goes for St. Patty’s… maybe on the same (fateful) day?


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