Day -5: Like a Race Horse.

Holy. My. Lanta.

You know how at summer camp they tell you to drink enough water so you “pee clear?” Well, something similar happens here in the BMT ward, except you don’t need to drink as much water because the hydration is constantly being pumped into you. That, compounded with drugs to extract excess water from the interstitial space is making me pee frequently, and in large volumes. We’re talking about anywhere from 300-700mL of fluid every hour. That’s 2-4 gallons of fluid a day. It’s insane. The craziest thing is that when you have to go, you have to go. There’s no time for “waiting until we find a porta-potty” or, “let’s find a Starbucks.” It’s either go or wet yourself. An all-or-nothing purging of fluids that have rapidly accumulated in your bladder; each release being measured and documented of course.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining about this since A) I have my own bathroom 5 feet from my bed, and B) all of my energy should be focused on… brb, potty break… getting myself better, but this constant urge to pee (just released another 330mL) is just insane.

Anyway, I digress.

Today is another fun-filled day of chemo. Same as yesterday but with higher doses of everything. More mesna (bladder-damage control), more cyclophosphamide, and double the dose of rabbit ATG. I’m anticipating that I’ll be relatively alright just like yesterday. The worst I felt was just some body aches and I was a little flushed; sort of like when you start feeling flu-ish. Thankfully there are medications that can help alleviate the icky feeling. I’m so grateful my body has been tolerating the drugs rather well and that I haven’t had any highly disruptive side effects (e.g. shakes, hives, rashes, GI issues, etc). I’m hoping for a continued smooth ride for the rest of the week.

Those of you in the Bay Area, enjoy the beautiful day! It looks gorgeous out! Those of you everywhere else, sorry I’m not sorry for the snow. Hot cocoa? 😉

P.S. Adam sends his regards. He rudely woke me up at 5AM to let me know I was low on fluids. I think we’re past the honeymoon phase.


6 thoughts on “Day -5: Like a Race Horse.

  1. Dear Min, I am so impressed with your positive attitude and fortitude, it is very inspiring. My thoughts are with you. You enjoy the beautiful day too – weren’t the clouds dramatic yesterday? Could you see the rainbow? Wishing you the very best.


  2. I spend my entire childhood mishearing the phrase as “pee like a resource” – I just figured it meant you could be, like, a natural resource for pee or something. It sounds like your coming close to that status, sir.


  3. 2-4 Gallons?! I am impressed and in awe and in shock all at once. It immediately made me think of this 2 qt challenge I had to do in school where we’d be forced to drink 2 qts of water in 2 minutes twice a day. I think I might fear water after one day of peeing more than 2 gallons. My heart is with you! You are awesome and I know your bladder will get through this stronger than before 🙂

    ❤ Kim


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