Day -7: Admit Date, Part I.

I didn’t sleep last night. In fact, I’m greeting the sunrise as I’m writing this. I don’t know if it’s from the excitement, anxiety, nerves, or fear… probably a mix of everything. I’m going to regret not sleeping, but I’ll have all the time in the world to sleep later, that is, after binge watching a few episodes of House of Cards Season 3. 🙂

I had a great “last day” yesterday. My pre-admit appointment went well. The chest X-ray came back negative for fluids in my chest and the nasal swab was preliminarily negative for any viruses, meaning my chest congestion really isn’t anything to worry about for now. No fever, no new aches or pains. My blood counts came back as expected:
– 8.9g/dL hemoglobin. You get roughly 1 “point” per unit of blood transfused so this is on track.
– 2.35e12/ RBCs. Still very low, but better than before.
– 25% hematocrit. Again, low but better.
– 5.6e9/L WBCs. In the normal range! For once. I think it’s cos my body is trying to kick this congestion. Either way, this number is comforting. Very, oddly comforting.
– 2.94e9/L neutrophils. In the normal range too! The neutropenia has subsided for now. I think, again, this is due to the congestion.

Good to go for admission! (Barring my congestion doesn’t get worse).

After my appointment with Dereck (my amazing NP), I met with Sharyn, the transplant coordinator. I honestly have to say I could not have asked for a better person to be my BMT coordinator. Sharyn is so on top of her game. She’s spent some time in the BMT clinic so she has experience caring for BMT patients. Given that, she knows what to expect in the whole process and has a special ability to efficiently explain and articulate every detail with poise, kindness, and a calming certitude that leaves you at ease in a time of stress and anxiety. She’s the best and I’m so, so happy to have her on the team. Anyway, I digress.

Sharyn took me on a tour of 11 Long, the floor where I will be admitted. I got to see the facilities, a lay of the land, and met the charge nurse who will be admitting me, Jessica. I’m not going to lie, the atmosphere is dense. So dense, you could easily cut the air with a karate chop. But then again, that’s what one would expect when they enter an area of intensive care and recovery, no? It was great getting to see where I’ll be going to help mentally prepare myself for the big admit day. There are exercise bikes, a community board, and donated scarves and hats for the floor. After seeing the landscape, it’s my goal (other than to get healthy again) to bring some happiness to the floor in whatever way possible. Ambitious as it may be, considering I have no idea how much energy I’ll have, there’s no reason why it can’t be done, or why I can’t at least try. 🙂

I found out more details about my donor! He’s a 29 year old male who lives in the US with B+ blood type… That’s about all I get to know. I almost burst out crying when Sharyn told me this information. Completely overwhelmed with emotion.

After the tour, Bekah and I went shopping downtown to try and find her some high-rise black jeans. This may seem like a menial task, but you’d be surprised how difficult it is to find such a simple clothing item. After searching for hours, we ended up empty handed (not without picking up a few other things though, obv). We headed to Southpaw BBQ for dinner for my “Last Supper.” Dry rub pork ribs with black pepper brie mac & cheese and braised brussel sprouts with bacon, gumbo, and their version of nachos. Good ole Southern comfort food.


In other news, this was also a major topic of controversy:


I don’t know if you were apart of the discussion, but this little dress almost broke the internet. What colors do you see on this dress? I see white and gold. Bekah adamantly sees black and blue. This caused such a fuss on the internet and at dinner! Apparently, the dress is actually blue and black, but I still don’t see that in this picture. I’m sticking to my guns.

When Bekah and I got back to my place, we did these face masks from Sephora. I don’t think they really did much “rejuvenation” but it was a TREAT YOSELF kind of thing. I think we looked like Jason or traditional Korean masks.


It’s been so wonderful having Bekah here this last week before going in for the transplant. Both for getting to show her SF, but also for just being here as I prepare to win one of the hardest battles I’ll have ever faced in life.

It’s time to grab a quick breakfast and pack some last minute things. More to come.


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